Laser System of Weld Reinforcing Bead Compensation for Units of Corrosion Resistant Coating Deposition ROVICOR SFS – P08

Designation. The tracking system is designed for contact-free detection of reinforcing bead center in pipe rotation and formation of signals for regulation of polymer dosage.

Structure and operation concept. SFS-P-08 tracking system includes laser-TV sensor; communication controller, signal and power cables kit.

Function of the sensor is based on a laser triangulation method. A narrow laser beam is projected on the object surface and registered with a video camera. Image of a light trace is a curve, nature of which corresponds to a surface geometry of the object being measured. The video signal is transmitted to the microprocessor controller imbedded in the sensor block for further processing. The detection object is the weld reinforcing bead.


The tracking system fulfills the following in the process of pipe rotation:

  • identifying points on the image, which correspond to the edges and center of weld reinforcing bead;
  • determination of the time moment when the reinforcing bead is in the center of sensor view;
  • formation of time delay and generation of signal for polymer coating dosage;
  • interaction with operator panel – display of values of time delay and time of control pulse as well as manual correction of these values.

This method for detection of the weld reinforcing bead is contact-free and not sensitive to vibration of pipe or sensor block. The equipment does not contain wearing mechanical parts. Automatic statistical processing of signals completely eliminates a skip of the weld reinforcing bead or false responses. The tracking system is invariant to reinforcing bead shape, artificial or sun light.

Proven design of the sensor block provides protection from primer dust and high temperature of pipe (to 200 °C). Also it should be noted that the tracking system can be operated without computer that significantly raises its reliability.

Performance characteristics 

Accuracy of detection of weld reinforcing bead, mm ±1
Minimum allowable height of reinforcing bead, mm 0,5
Nominal distance from sensor block to pipe, mm 200
Operating area of sensor in vertical direction, mm ±25
Frequency of pipe surface scanning, Hz 60
Nominal time of system response, ms 18
Maximum length of communication line between sensor and communication controller, m 50
Power supply +24 В
Consumed power, W, not more than; 20
Range of operating temperatures with forced air cooling, °С -10..+75